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Press Release

Inspired Artists Agency - Press Release September 2014 (English - PDF 405kb)
Inspired Artists Agency - Press Release April 2014 (English - PDF 171kb)
LP "Japonesque" Release 2013 (English - PDF 396kb)
LP "Japonesque" Release 2013 (Norwegian - PDF 399kb)
Inspired Artists Agency - Press Release September 2013 (English - PDF 259kb)
Inspired Artists Agency - Press Release May 2013 (English - PDF 437kb)
LP "Essence" Release 2009 (English - PDF 88kb)
London Press Release 2008 (English - PDF 88kb)
LP "A Pure Land" Release 2008 (English - PDF 136kb)
EP "Ambience" Release 2005 (English - PDF 188kb)


Sienná DJ Portrait (JPG 3.69mb)
Sienná DJ Artistic Image (JPG 0.76mb)
Sienná DJ Portrait (JPG 2.25mb)
Live Photo by Annelie Rosencranz (JPG 2.75mb)
Live Photo by Annelie Rosencranz (JPG 2.46mb)
Kyoto Portrait (JPG 617kb)

Norway Live Photo by May Irene Solum (JPG 1.58mb)
Poland Live Photo by Ania Wietecha (JPG 683kb)
LP "Japonesque" Image (JPG 353kb)
LP "Essence" Image (JPG 147kb)
LP "A Pure Land" Image (JPG 178kb)
EP "Ambience" Image (JPG 158kb)

Past Coverage (as far as we know)

Synthbeat July 2015 (English)
Beatsta Magazine February 2015 (English)
Sell Out Records (USA) October 2014 (English)
Indie Band Guru (USA) October 2014 (English)
Glitter And Stilettos (USA) October 2014 (English)
Very Cool Tunes (USA) October 2014 (English)
Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine October 2014 (English)
Music Eye Review (USA) October 2014 (English)
The Bandcamp Diaries (Sweden) September 2014 (English)
Pure Pop Punk (USA) September 2014 (English)
Crossradar (UK) September 2014 (English)
Me and My Crazy Mind (Hungary) September 2014 (English)
Robert Jr graham (Canada) November 2013 (English)
hear The Indie (USA) November 2013 (English)
Noise Shaft (Hungary) October 2013 (English)
Crazy Pellas (UK) October 2013 (English)
Open Salon by Rick London (USA) October 2013 (English)
AlwayzTherro Magazine (USA) October 2013 (English)
Maghine Magazine October 2013 (English)
HarshTV Article (UK) September 2013 (English)
Indie Band Guru (USA) September 2013 (English)
Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine September 2013 (English)
The Bandcamp Diaries (Sweden) September 2013 (English)
Music Rev1ew (Italy) September 2013 (Italian)
Mikegiord11 (Italy) September 2013 (Italian)
HarshTV Interview 2013 (UK) May 2013 (English)
ClickitTicket´s Best Electronica Music and Blogs 2011 (USA) Oct.2011 (English) (USA) Apr.2011 (English)
Whisperin and Hollerin (UK) Apr.2010 (English)
Avopolis Music Network (Greece) Mar.2010 (Translated to English)
Blues And Soul Music Magazine (UK) Feb.2010 (English)
Tasty Fanzine (UK) Feb.2010 (English)
Pro Mobile Magazine (UK) Jan.2010 (English)
Sound Screen (UK) Jan.2010 (English)
Oppland Arbeiderblad (Norway) Jan.2010 (Norwegian)
Kocobo (Russia) Oct.2009 (Russian)
Last Broadtcast (UK) Dec.2008 (English) (UK) Dec.2008 (English)
ELM eMusician Xtra (USA) Oct.2008 (English)

Update Magazine (UK) Oct.2008 (English)
SubCity Radio (UK) Oct.2008 (English)
Bergens Tidende (Norway) Apr.2008 (Norwegian)
Oppland Arbeiderblad (Norway) Mar.2008 (Norwegian) (USA) Dec.2006 (English) (USA) Jan.2006 (English)
Skylight (Greece) Oct.2005 (English)
Playback Magazine: Stl (USA) Sep.2005 (English)
Oppland Arbeiderblad (Norway) Jun.2005 (Norwegian)
Scene Networks Jun.2005 (English)

Radio Airplay (as far as we know)

BBC 6 Introducing: Fresh On The Net/Tom Robinson (UK)
CRMK RADIO 89.8FM Milton Keynes: The Garden Of Earthly Delights (UK)
Resonance 104.4FM/The Other Woman (UK)
Podsafe Artist: Night Guy Electronica (Israel)
Revival FM/Ian Arbuckle (UK)
WCVF-FM: General Eclectic/Tom Bingham (USA)
Womens Radio on Live 365/Brian Ball (USA)
SonicUniverse/DJ Nitya (USA)
Radio Gets Wild/DJ Dee (UK)
NRK P3 Harald Are Lund (Norway)
Luver Radio/Frank Moore (USA)
Black Channel (Germany)