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Finally, Howard is in Oslo.
My first ever live music concert was Howard Jones in 1985. I was extremely lucky to have witnessed this level of live performance on synths so early. Since 1984 I´ve been looking up to him as a songwriter, lyricist and performer. I´m euphoric that our path crossed again in Oslo.
My favorite meditation point on this planet
I come back again and again to this perfect place on Ischia to sit still alone for zen and peace of mind.
Feeling magick in the Knowth timber circle
Felt like standing inside the timber circle at Knowth in Boyne Valley, Ireland. So I did and stayed there for a while. I felt privileged to experience this.
My childhood backyard -  Fushimi Inari-taisha Kyoto
My school located near Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine in Kyoto. I cannot even remember how many times I walked through the thousand Torii gates along the entire trail. It used to be a peaceful place for thinking without crowd before.
Gino De Stefano - My "James Bond" in the world of hair designers
Gino De Stefano, Firenze has been my exclusive hair-designer for 8 years. With licence to spray from the bottle of Jack Daniels, he switched up my artist look for music promotion.
In NYC with Derek Sivers - even before our lives started for real (1993?)
In NYC with Derek Sivers even before our lives started for real, in 1993 (?). It was one of the most interesting encounters I have had in life. He is also one of most genuinely eccentric, creative and very honest persons.
Once in a lifetime moment with my lifetime hero Ryuichi Sakamoto
I didn´t intentionally try to make electronic music first, but ended up making it as a result of playing the piano, and listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto and Y.M.O (Yellow Magic Orchestra) in my childhood. I don´t exist as an artist without this man.
J-Popcon - The masked bal 29. March 2014
This is my modernized kimono dress that I wore on stage. Designed, hand cut and sewn by myself. A lucky result.
Agarthi's calling
My favorite vacation destination in Europe is Ischia, Italy. Wind, water, fire and earth in one divide beautiful place. Such a spiritual island.
On eve of Tittia´s victory day for Contrada Capitana dell'Onda - Palio di Siena august 2013
I´m with the delphine Contrada Capitana dell'Onda during Palio Di Siena. Here, with Giovanni Atzeni aka Tittia on the eve of his historical 2nd consecutive winning race in August 2013. Wes Kennison from SUNY Geneseo who made this possible for me, had never seen a jocky walking around to greet anyone like this before the race. Apparently, a lovely person for both horses and humans.
John, my love <3
I´m a huge fan of The Beatles, and was happy to perform at the legendary Cavern Liverpool. And I will never leave John, my eternal love :´-D
Portrait of SIENNÁ in Kyoto Japan
I was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. Inspiration comes in many forms, but mostly from the soundscape of Kyoto that I grew up with.